TEW Series
Take-up・Extrusion・Width Control Unit


Adjust take-up speed of the film automatically to control thickness in the blown film
process. Anyone can produce high-quality products efficiently in a short time

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  • Accurate and quick Take-up (thickness) control
  • ☆ As it can keep the film thickness constant, stabilized product can be produced.
  • ☆ Take-up speed corresponds to the set thickness as soon as take-up control is activate.
  • ☆ As the take-up speed corresponds to the set thickness instantly, the loss of material can be reduced.
  • Accurate Extrusion control
  • ☆ Film thickness is constant, because extruding amount is controlled constant.
  • ☆ Take-up speed can be calculated by inputting molding data (total width, thickness, extrusion amount, ratio).
  • ☆ Because the rotation number of extrusion screw is controlled, the extrusion amount is prevented from decreasing caused by mesh clogging.
  • ☆ Proper management of material consumption is possible with total value.
  • ☆ Multi-layer (up to 3 layers) extrusion control is possible. (Set the extrusion amount par each layer, or set the total extrusion amount + the ratio par each layer.)
  • Accurate width control
  • ☆ Stable products can be produced because the film width is controlled automatically in a constant range.
  • ☆ Width is maintained constant regardless of the temperature change in the morning and evening.
  • ☆ It is possible to meet the customer's high quality requirements about the product width.

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