MBG-4010 Series
Gravimetric Blender


  • ■Minimize setting time when changing die metal
  • ■Not necessary to be matched between die and metal
  • ■No strain die metal because clamping whole of die metal
  • ■Available for small molding machine (40t-50t)
  • ■Hold die material by power of over 600kg/poll (62 x 62 mm)
  • ■Reduce the duty by hydraulic clamp
  • ■Available 120℃ at standard
  • ■Save supply power
  • ■Save energy to use compact controller
  • - Touch Panel -
  • ■Easy operation because of tag panel
  • ■Display all values for operation, weighing, conveying material, set value and weigh value.
  • ■Display all integrated value of material usages
  • ■Display alarm contents and details at emergency
  • ■Display weigh value by Auto-tuning method
  • ■Record operation history
  • ■record set value, variable and difference up to 99 history records
  • ■Display for flowmeter value
  • ■Save 100 kinds of recipes


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