Thickness measurement unit

Syncro's Combyscan patented measuring system based on non-contract inductive/capacitive technology.

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  • Non-conact inductie/capacitive technology is advanced technology.
  • The new sensor comby is composed by an inductive/capacitive sensor wich allows the measurement of either sheet and/or film's thickness using a cylinder as a contrast.


Comby uses the inductive technology to measure the distance between sensor, cylinder feedback and one second capacitive sensor which, pending measurement of dielectric material, provides a more accurate thickness value

For a blown film line Combyscan can be installed after the haul-off and the SYNCRO patented software will be able to measure the flattened film and calculate the profile quickly, prior to a complete rotation of the haul-off.

Utilizing modular PLC technology, Combyscan ensures simple, practical operation by providing the operator with all the information required to operate the system clearly and intuitively using a touch screen HMI.

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